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Denzil Adans

44 Van der Wagen Drive, Rockypark


078 844 5243


Eyethu Sowethu Hub

Logo Design & Visual Identity

Logo Design

Drawing inspiration from the client’s brief, I set out to create a logo that would be instantly recognisable and memorable. I crafted a unique symbol that incorporated elements representing the vitality and vibrancy of life. We carefully experimented with various shapes, colors, and typography to ensure the logo embodied the desired youth appeal. Through an iterative design process, we refined the logo to perfection, striking a perfect balance between creativity, uniqueness, and brand representation


The final result of my collaboration with the client was a visually striking logo and a well-defined branding guide. The logo effectively captured the essence of life through its unique symbol, evoking a sense of energy and vitality that resonated strongly with the youth. The branding guide provided the client with the necessary tools and guidelines to maintain a consistent and compelling brand identity across various platforms.


By understanding the client’s requirements and conducting thorough research, I successfully created a distinctive logo and branding guide that appealed to the youth demographic. The combination of a unique life symbol and a comprehensive branding guide ensured that the client’s brand stood out in a competitive market, capturing the attention and interest of the target audience.

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